Vaginal tightening

With age the tissues of the body go through transformation and become relaxed. Vaginal child birth also worsens the elasticity and muscle tone of the vagina. This is because of the stretching of the collagen and muscle fibres. This becomes an embarrassment resulting in a loss of self-esteem to the woman. Fortunately there are ways this can be corrected. This can either be surgical by reconstructive surgery or non surgical depending on the severity of the laxity as well as a patient preference.

Recent technology has resulted in revolutionary techniques of vaginal tightening. Either Laser or Radio frequency can be used. Dr Josh’s practice uses Femilift laser for the vaginal rejuvenation. FemiLift laser is regarded as being among the best equipment on the market for vaginal rejuvenation.

The benefits of Femilift include being safe, simple, no pain, quick and immediate results. Normally three treatments are required being four weeks apart. Read More…

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