What is cosmetic gynaecology?

Cosmetic/Aesthetic Gynaecology is a highly specialised field of Gynaecology which encompasses gynaecology, dermatology and plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgical techniques are used to improve the external appearance as well as alter the internal size of the genitalia. Recently, Innovative technology such as Laser has enabled rejuvenation to be done without the need for surgery. The result is a younger and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Therapies such as the OShot® are done to enhance the sexual arousal and pleasure during intercourse thereby increasing intimacy levels.

There has been a worldwide surge in the demand of cosmetic gynae services as women not only want to look good for themselves but also want to feel good. This has resulted in greater confidence in the women as well as an improved self esteem.

Its all about self care.

Our Services

Vagina Rejuvenation

Vaginoplasty is a standard procedure to reduce the size of the vagina which would have become lax due to age, vaginal deliveries and poor repair of an episiotomy.

Vulva Rejuvenation

Bleaching has been part of woman’s beauty for many many years. The purpose of bleaching is to lighten the darkened skin on the vulva. The darkening of the vulva skin can occur as part of aging.

Sexual Enhancement

The G-shot is a procedure to improve sexual pleasure. The injection is given on the G spot which is an area on the interior wall of a vagina. This increases the G-spot size.

Vaginal Tightening

With age the tissues of the body go through transformation and become relaxed. Vaginal child birth also worsens the elasticity and muscle tone of the vagina. This is because of the stretching of the collagen and muscle fibres.

FemiLift laser

FemiLift is a complete solution that treats a wide range of feminine indications. It provides effective care for a highly diverse range of needs. Laser of choice is the FemiLift laser.

Gynaecology Services

Dr Josh Matambo has 18 years experience in Gynaecology. He has had training locally in South Africa as well as the IRCAAD INSTITUTE in Strasbourg, France.

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